The Hungarian Prison Service includes institutions that are responsible for the training and recreation of the staff as well as the medical and forced psychiatric treatment of inmates.

Central Hospital of the Prison Service

The medical staff of the Central Hospital of the Prison Service treats inmates from prisons all over Hungary and performs surgeries with certain restrictions. The hospital operates with 51 wards and 297 beds. The gynaecological ward performs standard gynaecological treatments, inmates also give birth here. Several weeks after the birth mother and child are taken to the specialized section of the Bács- Kiskun County Remand Prison where they can spend a maximum of one year together. On average the hospital treats 17 000 inmates. The number of ambulant patients is above 10 000 per year, the number of inpatients is over 1300.

Lt. Col. Takács Valéria, Dr.

2316. Tököl,
Ráckevei út 2-6.



Forensic Psychiatric and Mental Institution
The Forensic Psychiatric and Mental Institution was mainly established to forced psychiatric ordered psychiatric treatment of the prisoners. The institution performs special medical treatments that merge standard psychiatric therapy and prison duties. The institution is located on the premises of Budapest Remand Prison and consists of three buildings that have a capacity of 311 people.

János Hamula, Dr.

1108 Budapest,
Kozma utca 13.



Education, Training and Rehabilitation Center of the Prison Service
The Education, Training and Rehabilitation Center of the Prison Service was established in July 2015, following the merger of two former institutions,

one with a focus on education and training the other with a focus on recreation and rehabilitation.

 The new institution is responsible for the basic and higher level education, training, examination, rehabilitation and recreation of the prison service staff.
Col. Zoltán Szabó

2098 Pilisszentkereszt,
Pomázi út 6.



National University of Public Service, Faculty of Law Enforcement, Penitentiary Department
Faculty of Law Enforcement of the National University of Public Service continues to be the sole higher education institution to conduct law enforcement training. It provides high-level, top quality training for professionals, commissioned officers, public servants and public officials for posts at law enforcement organisations, especially the Hungarian Police Force, the Hungarian Prison Service, the National Tax and Customs Administration, the National Directorate-General for Disaster Management, the Office of Immigration and Nationality and the private security sector. The Penitentiary Department is the only university department in Hungary that teaches the profession of prison service. The aim of the department is to create a group of highly educated professionals who are able to serve the Hungarian Prison Service with utmost sense of vocation and commitment.

Brig. Gen. Péter Ruzsonyi, Prof. Dr., PHD

1121 Budapest,
Farkasvölgyi út 12.


Prison Museum
Located in the centre of Sátoraljaújhely, the Prison Museum operates next to the Sátoraljaújhely Strict and Medium Regime Prison. The museum presents the history and development of the Hungarian Prison Service. The visitors can also get acquainted with the evolution of various types of torture punishment and the death penalty as well as the life, education, employment and art of the inmates.

Opening hours
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Monday - Thursday: 7:30 to 16:00
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Saturday - Sunday: Closed
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Sunday - Monday: Closed
Ticket office closing at 16:30 PM

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3980, Sátoraljaújhely,
Kazinczy u. 35.

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