On February 27, 2016 theatregoers were offered a unique experience at Pinceszínház. A special night of theater offered two perspectives on the same situation: the first one, titled But I Was a Good Mother ("Pedig jó anya voltam"), starring Judit Pogány, talked about the experience of a mother whose son is on the death row. The second one, titled Deaf Death, or Checkmate to Life ("Süket halál, avagy matt az életnek"), was performed by prisoners from Tököl Juvenile Prison and depicted the final days of Henrik László Molnár, a prisoner sentenced to death in 1979 in Tököl. The audience of about 150 were all civilian.

When a theater company made up of prisoners plays to an audience outside the institutions, instead of to fellow prisoners, it’s like members of the public playing to members of the public. This play was written by Capt Klára Katalin Nagy based on memories about the deceased shared by fellow prisoners. Having the name of a reintegration officer appear on the theater poster as author of a play is exceptional. With the help of Capt Csaba Csizmadia she helped stage the play through months of rehearsals and adjustments, giving prisoners a regular task and an opportunity to grow. What made this night special is that the same audience of around 150 saw, and applauded, both plays: the first, with Judit Pogány, and the second, with the prisoners; just like on September 19, when the same performance took place as part of Theater Night in Tököl. Pinceszínház is open to an ongoing partnership, and we have been informed that they have further plans with this play.

Photo: Pinceszínház