A well-deserved award

Publicated on: December 15, 2015

In 2015 the Emil Tauffer Prize for Excellence in Prison Service work was awarded to Ret. Lt. Col. Ferenc Deák, librarian of the Prison Service Headquarters Special Library. Law Enforcement Secretary László Tasnádi presented the award at a ceremony in the Ministry of the Interior on December 15.

Photo: HPSHQRet. Lt. Col. Ferenc Deák was appointed librarian of the Prison Service Headquarters Special Library on December 1, 1992. In addition to his responsibilities as librarian, he participated in the organization of international conferences, the preparation of materials on methodology for prison libraries, the creation of the Prison Service Yearbook, worked on various research projects, wrote articles for the Prison Service Newsletter, and from September 2003 he is also editor of the Hungarian Prison Service Journal "Börtönügyi Szemle".

Photo: HPSHQ


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