Professional Exchange with Leaders of Kosovo Prison Service

Publicated on: March 11, 2016

Between March 1 and 4 a three-member delegation from Kosovo Prison Service visited Hungary, lead by acting Director General Sokol Zogaj.

During the three days Sokol Zogaj, acting Director General, Ismail Dibrani, Governor of Dubrava Prison, and Rasim Selmani, Director of Kosovo High Security Prison visited Prison Service Headquarters to hear a presentation about the structure and general operations of Hungarian Prison Service, including prisoner employment. The delegation then visited Budapest Strict and Medium Regime Prison to learn more about the institution, with special regard to the HSR Unit. On the second day the delegation visited Tököl National Prison, the Baracska Unit of Közép-dunántúli National Prison, and some of the prison enterprises working alongside our institutions to study prisoner employment and everyday operation. On the last day the visitors saw Unit III of Budapest Remand Prison.

Photo: Andrea Apró - HPSHQ

Photo: Andrea Apró - HPSHQ

Photo: Andrea Apró - HPSHQ



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