The first official delegation from Montenegro

Publicated on: December 21, 2015

Between December 16-17. a delegation of three from Montenegro Prison Service visited Hungary, headed by Deputy Director General Sladan Raickovic.

On the first day, the delegation studied the practice of prisoner employment and prison enterprise management at Vác Strict and Medium Regime Prison and Duna-Mix Ltd.  After that the delegation visited the Education, Training and Rehabilitation Center of the Prison Service where they listened to a presentation by Lt. Gen. András Csóti, Director General on the host institution, the Hungarian Prison Administration, and our organization's aims.

On the second day the guests got acquainted with the basic task of the Hungarian penal system and prison work by visiting Budapest Remand Prison Unit I and Veszprém County Remand Prison.

Photo: Budapest Remand Prison

Photo: Budapest Remand Prison

Photo: Budapest Remand Prison


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